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Most Popular Luxurious Cruise Tours in India for Your Perfect Holiday Getaway

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Are you an ardent cruise enthusiast? If you are bored with the hustle-bustle of daily life then nothing would be more exciting and beautiful than investing sometime over waves and riverside. Planning cruise trip to India is much different and exquisite from the usual land-based vacations. Each experience is prettier than the next, each view more exciting, and each excursion more fun. Regardless of which cruise line you sail or which route you embark upon, your journey will surely take you to destinations that give India its magnetism.

The ever admired and multicultural India is forever a favorite spot for tourists from all across the world. The first time cruisers will run out of places to discover this full-of-life country owing to the huge number of tourist spots it has. Get indulged in the spot on splendors of this magnificent country with India cruise tours. This delightful cruise tour will take you through the most spectacular sights of this magical land. Explore some of the prominent cruise tours in India.

Add some dynamism to your journey with Mumbai to Goa cruise Liners.

A cruise tour from Mumbai to Goa is exceptional, with many tourists planning the journey onto a new adventure and ultimate entertainment. Enjoy the scenic view of the sunrise and sunset in the middle of the ocean. Renowned cruise liners like Angriya, Domestic Cruise Liner allow you to have the utmost luxurious experience.

Here Are the Hottest Destinations as Part of Your Cruise Visit:-


Most sought by nature lovers and honeymooners, this destination is best known for its calm backwaters and lagoons. Apart from this, the lush greenery beautifully spread all over is a sight to behold. The food lovers can delve themselves into some delicious South Indian dishes.


Sunderbans luxury cruise is one of the quietest, attractive and peaceful places in India. Known as the world’s largest river delta, Sunderbans has got a plethora of serene places for everyone. As an important destination of the luxury cruise tours to India, this faraway land has so much to explore.


Chilika Lake is India’s largest brackish water lagoon situated on the East coast of Odisha. Because of several unique factors, this place has become a scenic tourist spot and a highly preferred place for cruise trip to India. A photographer’s paradise, Chilika Lake is the favorite destination of many exotic migratory birds; so it’s an ideal place for bird watching.


If you are exploring India then you just can’t miss the ultimate fun of visiting the Andaman Islands. One of the most fascinating destinations of India cruise tours, the Andaman expedition gives you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. On your way of this great sail, you will enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset views.


This luxury tour gives you an epic experience that is hard to find anywhere else. The Costa Neo Classica cruise starts off in Mumbai, sails to Cochin, and finally head to the Maldives. This whole one-of-a-kind journey is like a beautiful collection of memories that you will cherish forever. So one of the vital cruise tours to India, it gives you everything you desire.


Perched on the saline waters of the Arabian Sea, Lakshadweep comprises a total of 36 atolls, islets, and islands. Out of these only 10 are inhabited, but the rest aren’t devoid of beauty. Located around 220 km from Kerala’s west coast, this place is well-known for adventure water sports and fun activities. Of late Lakshadweep has become a hub for adventure junkies where they can ride jet skis and water scooters.

Apart from these, the following are some popular river cruises in India that you should add in your travel wish list:


Dibru- Saikhowa River Cruise is an extravagant destination, which is blessed by the striking surprises of nature. It is surrounded by the national park of Dibru Saikhowa, which is named among one of the 19 Bio-diversity hotspots in the world. Through this cruise, you have a golden chance to explore the untouched part of North-East India.


This cruise offers cruisers a well-decorated platter of astonishing views. It is iconic with the dynamic city Panjim and is considered to be an ideal tourist attraction for the ones wanting to spend quality time in the beauty of nature. Pamper yourself with the picturesque view of ‘nature and water’ at its best.


Away from the hassles of the world, this place has numerous picture-perfect and serene locations that will blow your mind. There is so much for you to enjoy this unforgettable expedition. Indulge yourself into the cruise along the Ganges that offers you a journey dotted with a series of historical destinations like Dakhineshwar, Belur, Kalna, Mayapur and Murshidabad.


Crossing Brahmaputra River Cruise is a breathtaking experience that can’t be express by words. Serene Villages, beautiful landscapes, exotic wildlife and the prominent Indian Dolphins glorifies the exquisiteness of the river. Planning this river cruise is an opportunity to explore the beauty of the traditional climate of Northeast.


This luxurious cruise is an unparalleled way to experience the offbeat cruise tour in India. Sailing through the mesmerizing inland waterways of Mangalore River Cruise, you will witness how unique this wonder of nature is. It gives you a beautiful opportunity to delve into the mysterious charisma and magnetism of the oceans beyond.


Apart from the enthusiast cruisers, the Goa river cruise is an ultimate journey chosen by a great number of honeymooners because of its tranquil setting of water landscape. It gives you a dream-come-true opportunity to cherish the natural splendor of cruise trip to India.


The Yanam River cruise passes through striking scenic locations, making your trip enjoyable and incredible. Cruisers on their India cruise tours can experience stunning fishermen villages on both the banks of the river and lush greenery of backwaters. Also, the breathtaking beauty of the blending of grey and turquoise waters needs no explanation.

So, have you started planning your cruise vacation? No matter which place you may opt for, your cruise tour in India is going to be as amazing as the destination.

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